gematik publishes source codes of the e-prescription app

Gematik makes the source codes of the e-prescription app available as open source on GitHub. In doing so, it is following its path of transparency towards the general public and the specialist community. "With our transparent development processes, we want to increase confidence in the Telematics infrastructure and engage in exchange. Our applications benefit from this, and so do the users," explains Florian Hartge, CPO and responsible for production processes within gematik. The publication was very positively received by external partners, manufacturers and developers. "The community is not a silent reader – we expect constructive criticism from experts, which ultimately benefits our app and can increase user-friendliness. The development, the introduction and also the safety-related evaluation of the e-prescription app should be shared with the greatest possible openness,“ says Hartge.

The e-recipe app has been available for download in the app stores since July. gematik developed the app itself and provided the specifications for the e-prescription. As part of the test phase of the model region Berlin-Brandenburg, electronic prescriptions can already be redeemed with the gematik app in selected pharmacies. In the course of the 4th quarter, the e-prescription will gradually be introduced nationwide; the e-prescription app will thus bring benefits to all citizens.  With the app, patients receive data protection-compliant and secure access to their prescription data and various options to conveniently redeem them in their desired pharmacy.

Legally insured persons can receive e-prescriptions from doctors in the app and view instructions for taking and dosing. To redeem an e-prescription, either the prescription code can be opened in the app and shown at the pharmacy or the prescription can be sent to a pharmacy in advance. This requires an NFC-enabled smartphone with at least iOS 14 or Android 7. An electronic health card (eGK) that supports NFC and the corresponding PIN are required to log in to the app. Insured persons can order the eGK and the corresponding PIN from their health insurance company.

The app can also be used without registration with the health card. Insured persons can then scan prescription codes from the printout, store them digitally and show them at a pharmacy.

The e-prescription app on GitHub:
GitHub - gematik/E-Rezept-App-iOS
GitHub - gematik/E-Rezept-App-Android