These are the advantages of the e-prescription

The e-prescription saves unnecessary trips

Losing prescription slips? This can no longer happen with the gematik e-prescription app. It stores all e-prescriptions securely. And if you need a simple follow-up prescription in the current billing quarter, you can also save yourself a trip: because a further visit to the doctor becomes unnecessary if the practice transmits the follow-up prescription directly digitally to the app.

E-prescription app finds the right pharmacy

On the way to work, while shopping or simply on the go: with the e-prescription app, patients can find exactly the pharmacy they need at any location. The app knows current opening hours and also knows whether a pharmacy offers a messenger service – for example, because you are currently restricted in movement.

More convenient access to medication thanks to e-prescription

Via the e-prescription app, insured persons can simply send the prescription to their desired pharmacy. So they can find out if they have a certain drug in stock and save time. Insured persons can also pre–order medicines from home and then pick them up or have them delivered - when and how it suits them best.

With the e-prescription, data is safe

From the doctor's office to the pharmacy, e-prescriptions are encrypted several times during digital transmission and stored securely. This protects you from unauthorized access. Only those who are in possession of the prescription code for an e-prescription can also retrieve it: in addition to the issuing doctor's office and the pharmacy where the prescription is redeemed, this is only the person for whom the prescription is intended. In addition, this person can of course pass the recipe code on to a person of their choice.

Redeem prescriptions for loved ones

Many insured persons have relatives in need of care, for whom the journey to the doctor or to the pharmacy is too arduous. With the e-prescription app, you can pick up prescribed medications for these relatives or even the neighbor, if the latter also have an electronic health card with a PIN. With the family function, insured persons can call up the prescriptions for other people in their own e-prescription app at their express request and redeem them at the pharmacy.

The e-prescription makes life easier

Stephanie K. - Insurance subscriber

My hope is that the electronic prescription will make everything a bit easier, that you can go to the pharmacy much more flexibly with your mobile phone and it doesn’t matter whether you have that one important piece of paper with you.

Dr. med. Markus S. – Dentist

We sign the e-prescription, in one go, in the treatment room - and it is available directly in the app. For patients, the e-prescription means a big plus in terms of security and convenience.

Beate G. - Pharmacist

I hope that the administrative steps will be faster because manual entries will no longer be necessary.
I also hope that prescription forgeries and formal prescription errors, such as forgotten signatures or exceeding the submission deadline, will no longer occur.

Michael G. – Pharmacist

I recommend patients to get involved with the e-prescription. In combination with the app, they will have many more opportunities to get in touch with their local pharmacy.