The e-prescription for Germany is on its way!

Save time and unnecessary trips – with the new e-prescription.

Receive and manage prescriptions easily via app – thanks to the e-prescription.
The key to the e-prescription:

The e-prescription app

In order to be able to receive and redeem prescriptions electronically, those with statutory health insurance need the gematik e-prescription app - it is called "The e-prescription".


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The e-prescription makes life easier

Dr. med. Detlef K. – Specialist doctor

The main advantage for the patient is that they have the e-prescription on their mobile phone straight away, they can take it with them, they always have it with them, they no longer have a paper form, they can choose their pharmacy and they have a high degree of prescription security with regard to the prescribed medicines.

Konstantin L. – Pharmacist

I supplied Berlin’s first e-prescription at the Feurig pharmacy as part of Berlin’s Digital Health Future Region (ZDG) model project and have since supplied numerous other e-prescriptions. Using e-prescriptions to dispense medications works very well and appeals especially to the younger clientele. We want to strengthen our customers’ trust and acceptance of these digital solutions in the pharmacy and hope to continue to make an important contribution to this.

Detlev S. – Insurance subscriber

With the e-prescription, I hope to simplify procedures via a continuous process from issuing the prescription to receiving the medication. No matter where I am – whether in the office, at home or even on holiday. No unnecessary double trips, and thus more time for the things that really matter.

By participating in the beta test, I would like to contribute to a patient-oriented system. I’m hoping for a simple and intuitive app that will be accepted and used by all age groups.

Stephanie K. - Insurance subscriber

My hope is that the electronic prescription will make everything a bit easier, that you can go to the pharmacy much more flexibly with your mobile phone and it doesn’t matter whether you have that one important piece of paper with you.