The app

The key to the e-prescription:

The e-prescription app

In order to be able to receive and redeem prescriptions electronically, those with statutory health insurance need the gematik e-prescription app - it is called "The e-prescription".


Download now for free:

What the e-prescription can do

Get started with (next to) no paperwork

The first step in using a digital prescription is very easy: scan the prescription code and show it to the pharmacy, whether for yourself or a loved one.


Registered users will automatically receive their prescriptions after a video consultation or attending a surgery. The prescriptions contain all the important information about the medication and the instructions for use.

Redeem digitally and save trips...

Reserve prescriptions in your local pharmacy in advance, use the local delivery service at your regular pharmacy or have your medication delivered to you by post.

... or directly in your pharmacy

Here everything stays the same: scan the prescription and receive the medication.

Tip: It’s up to you whether you want to redeem all available prescriptions at once or only some of them.

Requirements for the full range of functions of the e-prescription app:

  • a smartphone with iOS 14 or Android 7 or above
  • an NFC-enabled smartphone
  • an NFC-enabled electronic medical card including PIN (you can get this from your health insurance provider).

What enhancements are planned?

  • Receiving and managing e-prescriptions for loved ones (children, parents, partners)
  • Querying availability of medications
  • Forwarding e-prescriptions to friends or family 
  • Available in multiple languages: English, Turkish, Arabic, Polish, Russian
  • Improved pharmacy search

The e-prescription app as a desktop application

You can also view your personal e-prescriptions from the past 100 days on a computer: to do this, just install the desktop application. You need your electronic health insurance card with NFC interface, your personal PIN and a card reader to register.